Engineering Excellence in the UK


Combine Fabs are the only British manufacturer to offer dedicated concaves in Hardox 400 laser plate for consistent service over many harvests. CAD designed and laser cut for uniform, true parallel fit set at 12mm, our concaves feature an extra threshing bar in on the leading edge.

Bars are spaced at around 35mm (differ slightly between models) over the first half and wider (40-45mm gaps) for effective separation over the back section. Wires are dropped 12mm from the top of the bar and spaced at 14mm gap throughout for improved grain separation. End plates are engineered from 10mm Hardox, interim bars from 6mm.

An exclusive 2 bar leading edge design is available on replacement concaves for Claas models.

Results have consistently shown:

  • Longer straw
  • More grain collected
  • Less demand on the drum
  • Good forward speed and fuel economy
  • Minimal straw walker grain loss

We also offer a concave refurbishing service and other popular replacement concaves.